Agro-Forestry Scheme

Agro-forestry integrates trees and shrubs into agricultural landscapes to create sustainable and productive ecosystems. This scheme aims to enhance biodiversity, improve soil health, and provide economic benefits to farmers.

Scheme Overview

Soil Health: Trees prevent erosion, enrich soil fertility, and store carbon.


Economic Benefits: Generates income from timber, fruits, nuts, and medicinal plants.

Biodiversity: Supports diverse plants and animals, strengthening ecosystems.


Environmental:  Reduces deforestation, conserves water, and promotes wildlife habitats.

Social: Enhances community resilience and promotes sustainable livelihoods.

Economic:: Increases farm productivity, diversifies income, and reduces input costs.


Initial Costs: Requires upfront costs for tree planting and maintenance.

Time to Yield: Trees take time to mature, delaying some economic benefits.

Application Process:

1. Eligibility:  Open to farmers, cooperatives, and landowners. 2. Documentation:  Prepare land ownership documents and project proposal.

Application Process:

3. Submission: Apply online through official website link or visit local agriculture offices. 4. Approval: Evaluation based on ecological impact, sustainability, and economic feasibility. 5. Implementation: Receive funding and technical support for project execution.

Agro-forestry is a promising approach to sustainable agriculture, offering ecological, economic, and social benefits. By integrating trees into agricultural practices, we can build resilient landscapes that support both people and the planet.


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