Avoid these Mistakes for Healthy Nursery Seedlings


Water seedlings sparingly, watering only when the topsoil is dry to prevent drowning and fungal diseases, and ensure well-draining soil.

Proper Watering Techniques

Ensure enough water to prevent wilting, but avoid overhydration to prevent death.

Balanced Watering

High soluble salt in water can hinder seedling growth, choose low salt water.

Avoid Salty Irrigation

Use well-draining soil, avoiding compacted or overly nutrient-rich mixes.

Optimal Soil Conditions

Plant seedlings at the proper depth to prevent hindering root growth, ensuring healthy development

Planting Depth Awareness

Proper spacing prevents overcrowding, ensuring each seedling thrives.

Spacing Consideration

Good airflow prevents fungal diseases and promotes healthy growth.

Ventilation Importance

Gradually expose seedlings to outdoor conditions to avoid stress and stunted growth.

Harden Off Seedlings

Regularly check for pests and diseases to prevent rapid spread and damage.

Pest and Disease Monitoring

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