Azolla Farming: Start Right and Increase Your Profits

In the countryside of Vietnam, farmers discovered a special plant called Azolla. This small fern grows on water and has amazing benefits for farming. Let's explore how Azolla farming started and how it's helping farmers today.

What is Azolla?

Azolla is a tiny fern that floats on water. It grows fast and is full of nutrients like proteins and minerals. Farmers found it can be a great food for animals like cows and chickens.

Starting of Azolla Farming

Years ago, Vietnamese farmers started Azolla farming in ponds to improve animal feed. Azolla thrived with sunlight, water, and nutrients, growing rapidly.

Investment and Profits

Azolla farming requires minimal startup costs; farmers can purchase seeds and set up ponds with basic tools.

Azolla plants grow rapidly, ready for harvest within days, providing farmers with additional income due to high demand as animal feed.

1. A pond or container with clean water

How to Start Azolla Farming

2. Azolla seeds to put in the water

3. Sunlight and some fertilizer (like cow dung) to help the plants grow

4. It takes about 7-10 days for Azolla to cover the pond. Farmers can then start harvesting it every 5-7 days.

How to sell Azolla

Farmers can sell Azolla to local animal farms or directly to livestock owners through local markets, meeting the demand for nutritious animal feed.


Azolla farming is a smart, sustainable choice for farmers, enhancing animal diets and boosting income while promoting environmental health.

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