Banana bunch feeding technique for higher yield of banana

The direct way of suppling of nutrients to the bunch helps in healthy growing bunch

Inputs required

Cow dung, Urea, Sulphate of Potash, plastic bag and water

Method of preparation

The technique involves blending 15 g of (approximately 7.5g of urea) and 7.5 g of sulphate of potash dissolved in 100 ml water in 500 g of fresh cow dung

and applying the slurry to the de-navelled stalk-end of bunch soon after fruit set

Time of application

When the crop reaches the stage of bunch getting 8-10 finger sets are emerged, the lower side bunch sets starts falling down

During that stage with sharp knife the bunch should cut slantly at the lower end by leaving 10-15 cm above.

In plastic bag the mentioned inputs with respective quantity mixed thoroughly and tied to the cut portion.


It costs only Rs. 1-2 (depending on variety) for each bunch to adopt this technology

It is very beneficial as it gives higher yield 3-5 kg in Robusta, Cavendish and Grand-9 and 1-3 kg in Elakki, Nendran, Nanjangudu rasa bale and Red Banana

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