Beejamrutha: The natural and effective method of seed treatment

Beejamrutha is an ancient, sustainable agriculture technique. It is used for seeds, seedlings or any planting material.

Inputs needed:  5 kg cow dung, 5 litre cow urine, 50 gram lime, 1kg bund soil, 20 litre water (for 100 kg seed)

Preparation of Beejamrutha: Step1: Take 5 kg cow dung in a cloth and bind it using tape. Hang the cloth in 20 litre water for up to 12 hours

Step2:Simultaneously, take one litre water and add 50 gram lime in it, keep stable for overnight

Step3:Next morning, continuously squeeze the bundle in the water thrice, so that all the essence of cow dung is mixed in the water

Step4:Add handful of soil, approximately 1 kg in the water solution and stir well Step5:Add 5 litre desi cow urine in the solution and limewater, and stir it well

Directions to use :

* Add Beejamrit to the seeds of any crop; coat them, mixing by hand; dry them well and use them for sowing *For leguminous seeds, which may have thin seed coats, just dip them quickly and let them dry

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