Biofloc: The Future of Sustainable Fish Farming

Biofloc technology is a type of High density fish farming and a technique of enhancing water quality through the addition of extra carbon to the aquaculture system

Biofloc system is a wastewater treatment

Biofloc technology works on

The principle of the technique is to maintain the higher C-N ratio by adding carbohydrate source

Water quality is improved through the production of high quality single cell microbial protein

Toxic nitrogen species immobilize faster in biofloc due to rapid growth and microbial productivity per substrate unit by heterotrophs.

* Eco-friendly culture system. * It reduces environmental impact.

Advantages of biofloc technology

* Judicial use of land and water * Limited or zero water exchange system

* Higher productivity * It reduces the pressure on capture fisheries

Air breathing fish like Singhi, Magur,  Pabda , Anabas/Koi, Pangasius

Species suitable for Biofloc Culture

Non air-breathing fishes like Common Carp , Rohu , Tilapia , Milkfish

Shellfishes like Vannamei and Tiger Shrimp

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