Cotton Pest Management: Protect Your Crops Effectively

Cotton pests can cause severe damage to crops. Effective management is essential to protect plants and ensure a healthy harvest.

Boll Weevil:

Feeds on cotton bolls, causing significant yield loss.

Common Cotton Pests:

Cotton Bollworm:

Damages buds, flowers, and bolls, reducing fiber quality.


Suck sap from plants, causing stunted growth and sooty mold.

Spider Mites:

Feed on plant sap, leading to yellowing and defoliation.


Excrete honeydew, causing sooty mold and weakening plants

Management Strategies:

Monitoring: Regularly inspect fields for early pest detection.

Biological Control: Introduce natural predators like ladybugs and parasitic wasps.

Cultural Practices: Implement crop rotation and remove plant debris to disrupt pest life cycles.

Chemical Control: Use insecticides judiciously, following integrated pest management (IPM) guidelines.

Resistant Varieties: Plant pest-resistant cotton varieties to reduce vulnerability.

Effective pest management is crucial for protecting cotton crops and ensuring high yields. Combining monitoring, biological, cultural, and chemical methods promotes healthy, pest-free plants.


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