Digital Agriculture Scheme

The Digital Agriculture Scheme aims to transform traditional farming practices by integrating modern technology into agricultural processes. This initiative is driven by the goal of enhancing productivity, efficiency, and sustainability in farming practices across the country.

Scheme Overview

Training and Education: Workshops and resources to educate farmers on using digital tools effectively.


Market Access:  Platforms for farmers to directly connect with buyers, reducing intermediaries.

Financial Inclusion: Integration with financial services for easy access to credit and insurance.


Increased Yield: Precision farming techniques lead to higher crop yields.

Market Linkages: Direct access to markets results in better prices for farmers.

Cost Efficiency: Reduced input costs through optimized resource use.

Empowerment: Empowers farmers with knowledge and resources to make informed decisions.


Initial Costs: High initial investment in technology and training.

Application Process:

1. Registration: Create an account on the portal. 2. Application Form: Fill out the online application form with necessary details.

Application Process:

3. Document Submission: Upload required documents such as ID proof, land ownership proof, etc. 4. Approval: Wait for verification and approval from the relevant authorities. 5. Implementation: Upon approval, start implementing digital practices on your farm.

The Digital Agriculture Scheme modernizes farming with technology, boosting rural communities, food security, and sustainability. Enhance your practices and contribute to agriculture's future.


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