Diverse Corn Varieties and Their Features

While many people know that maize, more commonly known as corn, is a culturally significant crop, the true diversity of corn and its numerous culinary uses remain largely unknown

Flint corn is known for its hard outer layer which protects the small, soft endosperm inside the kernel.

Flint Corn

Also known as “field corn”, their kernels contain a hard form of starch at the sides and a soft type in the center.

Dent Corn

Sweet corn kernels wrinkle when they are dry as the sugars dehydrate when mature. Varieties come in a diversity of colors. However, the color of the kernels will intensify as the corn ripens past the milk stage

Sweet Corn

Flour corn varieties come in all colors. The color is contained within the thin outer layer while the interior soft starch is white.

Flour Corn

Popcorn is one of the oldest types of domesticated corn. The characteristics of the popcorn kernels are very similar to those in flint corn. The popcorn kernel has a hard yet brittle, slightly translucent kernel that is glass-like

Pop Corn

This is a variety of corn where each individual kernel is enclosed in long, membranous husks known as glumes. The kernels are naked, or exposed, in other corn

Pod Corn

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