Dwarf Coconut Palms: Compact Size, Big Benefits

Dwarf coconut palms are cultivated for their compact size and numerous advantages over traditional tall coconut palms.

Some of the dwarf coconut varieties:

1. Kalpa Raksha: This is a semi tall variety with sweet tender nut water. Its annual yield is 87 nuts/palm.

2. Chowghat Orange Dwarf (COD): The average annual yield is 63 nuts/palm/year. It is best suited for tender nut water.

3. Kalpa Sree : Kalpasree has superior quality of coconut oil, very sweet tender nut water. Annual yield is 90 nuts/palm

4. Kalpa Jyothi: Dwarf variety with yellow fruits, higher average yield of 114 nuts per palm per year.

5. Kalpa Surya: Dwarf with orange fruits and the average yield is 123 nuts.

Some of the dwarf coconut hybrid:

1.Kalpa Sreshta (MYD x TPT) 2.Chandra Sankara (COD x WCT) 3.Kera Sankara (WCT X COD) 4. Chandra Laksha (LCT X COD) 5. Kalpa Samrudhi (MYD x WCT)

Advantages of dwarf coconut varieties:

* Early yielding * Produce a considerable number of coconuts per tree * Suitable for cultivation in limited spaces * Ease of Management *  Resistance to certain diseases and pests

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