Field Preparation Guide for Successful Tomato Cultivation


India, the second largest tomato producer, cultivates over 2000 varieties of this versatile fruit, ideal for Farms & home gardens

Seed Selection

Look for disease-resistant varieties suited to your climate & growing conditions. To purchase high-quality tomato seeds, click the link below

Seed Treatment

Tomato seed treatment vital for high germination & yield. Trichoderma viride (4g/kg) or Carbendazim (2g/kg) applied 24hrs pre-sowing proven effective.

Nursery Bed Preparation

Nursery with shade nets and insect-proofed sides, employing raised beds with coco peat mix, and administer NPK drenching for optimal growth.

Sowing & Germination Hack

Sow treated seeds in coco peat filled protrays, maintain moisture, and germinate under polythene sheets.

Land Preparation

Plough, apply FYM, form ridges/furrows. Add Azospirillum/Phosphobacteria. Use drip lines. Transplant at 28 days. Fill gaps post-transplant.

Soil Type

Tomato crop requires good soil that is rich in organic matter. Loamy soil with a neutral pH range of 6.5 – 7.5 is ideal.

Planting and Transplanting

Transplant 28 day old seedlings into prepared fields, filling gaps promptly for uniform growth.

Crop Care and Maintenance

Ensure regular watering, provide balanced nutrition, and control weeds for healthy tomato plants.


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