Formation & Promotion of new 10,000 FPOs Scheme

Formation & Promotion of New 10,000 FPOs enhances small farmers' income by forming 10,000 new Farmer Producer Organizations. 4o

Scheme Overview

Target Groups: Small and marginal farmers, women farmers, and aspirational districts.

Support Period: Financial assistance for up to 5 years.

Cluster-Based Approach: FPOs formed in agricultural and horticultural clusters to boost productivity and profitability.


Professional Assistance: Provision of professional handholding and support for FPOs.


Collective Bargaining: Better pricing for inputs and outputs through collective negotiation.

Access to Credit: Easier access to credit and financial services via FPOs' collective strength

Market Access: Improved linkages and access to higher-value markets.

Capacity Building: Training and skill development for effective FPO management.


Management and operational challenges due to diverse member interests and lack of experience.

Application Process

Visit the Website: Go to the SFAC Official Website or National Portal for FPOs for information and forms.

Eligibility Check: Ensure you are a group of small farmers or part of an existing farmer group or cooperative.

Fill the Form:Complete the application form online or at designated facilitation centers.

Submit Documents : Provide Aadhar Card, land records, and group details.

Verification and Approval:  Submit the form at the facilitation center. After verification, the FPO will be registered and provided support.

Empowering small farmers with collective platforms for productivity, market access, and higher income, boosting India's agricultural sector


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