Green Farming: Plant-Based Food Colors

Natural food colors originate from a wide range of sources like vegetables, fruits, spices, algae and/or other edible natural sources. They offer a wide spectrum of color.

Source: Beetroot

Betanin for Red & Pink

Beetroots' betanin pigment offers magenta pink to red shades in foods. pH-stable, ideal for ice creams, yogurts, and fillings.

Source: Spinach

Chlorophylls For Green

Chlorophyll gives plants green color. In food coloring, chlorophyll and chlorophyllin provide green hues, used in dairy, pickles, beverages.

Source: Carrots

Carotenoids for Yellow, Orange & Red

Carotenoids give plants red, orange, and yellow hues. Commonly found in palm fruit, carrot, and pumpkin. Widely used in beverages and dairy.

Source: Carbonised Vegetable Material

Carbon Black for Black

Carbon black, from charred veggies, stable in heat and light. Used in blends for ice cream, pastry, meat, and confectionery.

Source: Melanoidins

Caramels For Browns

Caramel offers golden to brown shades. Made from heated carbs, it colors beverages, baked goods, ice cream, and meat.

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