Green Revolution: Transforming Agriculture

The Green Revolution transformed global agriculture, boosting crop yields and ensuring food security. Learn about its key aspects and lasting impact.

Definition: A period of agricultural transformation with increased crop production through advanced technology.

What is the Green Revolution

High-Yield Varieties (HYVs): Development and adoption of high-yielding crop varieties. Chemical Fertilizers: Extensive use of chemical fertilizers to enhance soil fertility.

Key Aspects

Pesticides: Increased use of pesticides to protect crops from pests and diseases. Irrigation Techniques: Improved irrigation methods for efficient water use.

Increased Food Production: Dramatically boosted food production, reducing hunger. Economic Growth: Contributed to the economic growth of many developing countries.


Food Security: Improved food availability and access. Rural Development: Enhanced rural livelihoods and reduced poverty.

Impact on Society

The Green Revolution boosted crop yields and food security but emphasized the necessity for sustainable agriculture practices.


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