Grow Virus-Free Banana Plants with Tissue Culture

Tissue cultured banana plants are produced through a laboratory technique called micropropagation under sterile conditions

Swipe right to learn banana tissue culture: sterilize explants, culture in media, induce shoots/roots, acclimatize plantlets, transfer to soil.



The tissue is initiated in the culture at this time. The tissue of interest is acquired, introduced, and sterilized to avoid contamination


The sterile explant is placed in a medium containing growth regulators and required nutrients

Shooting & rooting

Store shoots longer than the 3-4 week proliferation cycle until small plantlets are formed

Primary Hardening in green houses

The establishment of tissue-cultured plants in the nursery to break micropropagation system

Secondary Hardening in shade houses

Transfer selected cultured plants  to the shadehouse 3 days before the scheduled potting out.


1. Pest and disease free seedlings. 2. Uniform growth, increases yield 3. Early maturity of crop

4. Round the year planting possible as seedlings are made available throughout the year 5. No staggered harvesting. 6. 95% - 98% plants bear bunches

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