How AI Chatbot Revolutionizes Farmer Support in PM-Kisan

Union Ministry of Agriculture launches AI Chatbot for PM-KISAN Scheme, offering prompt assistance to farmers, enhancing welfare and efficiency.

Scheme Overview

key features

The AI Chatbot reflects PM Modi's vision of leveraging technology for farmer welfare and governance enhancement.

The AI Chatbot serves as a comprehensive guide for PM-KISAN beneficiaries, offering timely and accurate responses.

User-friendly Chatbot empowers farmers with transparency and informed decisions, enhancing accessibility.

It ensures PM-KISAN beneficiaries' linguistic diversity, with plans for expansion to all Indian languages.

AI Chatbot launch underscores govt's commitment to tech for farmer welfare. PM-KISAN disbursed Rs. 2.61 Lakh Cr to 11 Cr farmers, offering socio-economic relief, with innovative e-KYC mobile app.

success of the AI Chatbot

The AI Chatbot launch for PM-KISAN marks a milestone in India's agri-tech, affirming govt's support for farmers' welfare through accessible tech solutions.


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