Floating Gardens: Innovative Farming on Water

In floating garden the vegetables are grown in water on a floating base like boat and the harvest are marketed at the lake

* Floating vegetable gardens have been a part of Kashmir's agricultural practices for centuries *  These gardens are constructed on the surface of the lake using a base of weeds and other aquatic plants

Floating vegetable garden:

*The floating mats, called "raadhs," are layered with soil and organic matter, creating a fertile bed for growing vegetables * Tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, radishes and leafy greens like spinach and lettuce are being cultivated

* Efficient use of space and water resources, reducing the need for additional land *They act as natural filters, absorbing excess nutrients and pollutants from the water, which helps in keeping the lake clean. * It is supporting the livelihoods of numerous families in the region

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