IISR's New Soybean Varieties: Empowering Farmers

Soybean varieties span a vast spectrum, reflecting adaptation to diverse climates, soils, and market needs, with thousands cultivated worldwide.

High Seed Longevity Varieties

 JS 93-05, JS 95-60, JS 335, JS 80-21, NRC 2, NRC 37, Punjab 1, Kalitur.

 These varieties boast extended seed longevity, ensuring better seed viability and storage potential for farmers.

Suitable for Mechanical Harvesting

MACS 58, NRC 37, Type 49, Durga, Punjab 1

With a high insertion point of the lowest pod, these varieties facilitate mechanical harvesting, easing labor and time constraints for farmers.

Rust Tolerant Varieties

PS 1024, PS 1029, Indira Soya 9, MAUS 61, MAUS 61-2.

Resistant to rust, these varieties offer protection against a common soybean disease, ensuring more robust yields and reduced crop losses.

Adaptability and Yield

Explore the adaptability and yield potential of each variety across different agro-climatic conditions, guiding farmers in selecting the most suitable options for their region.

Impact on Farming Practices

The broader implications of these varieties on farming practices, including increased efficiency, sustainability, and economic benefits for farmers nationwide.

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