Indian Dairy Cow Breeds for High Milk Production

Cow rearing in India dates back to ancient times, with indigenous breeds revered for their nutritional value. Desi cow's milk is highly sought after for its health benefits, often recommended by doctors.

Holstein Friesian

Known for high milk yield, adaptable to Indian conditions, and excellent feed conversion.


Efficient converters of feed to milk, producing rich and creamy milk.


Indigenous breed with sturdy build, known for high milk fat content and adaptability to harsh climates.


Renowned for heat tolerance, disease resistance, and good milk yield with high butterfat content.


Hardy breed with high milk yield, ideal for tropical climates and small-scale dairy farming.

Red Sindhi

Known for adaptability, disease resistance, and high milk yield under low-input systems.


Resilient breed with high milk yield in arid environments, valued for its heat tolerance.


Though primarily a draught breed, Ongole cows exhibit decent milk yield, especially in dual-purpose systems.


Known for adaptability and good milk yield, particularly suitable for small-scale dairy farming in northern India.

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