Integrated Scheme for Agriculture Marketing (ISAM)

ISAM aims to modernize India's agricultural marketing system, improving farmers' access to markets and enhancing price realization for their produce.

Scheme Overview

Infrastructure Development: Includes cold storage, warehouses, and grading facilities.


Capacity Building: Provides training on market trends and quality standards.

Market Access Support: Facilitates linkages and provides support for Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs).


Better Prices: Improved market access enhances price realization.

Empowerment: Training empowers farmers in negotiation skills.

Infrastructure Boost: Upgraded storage and processing facilities.


Implementation Challenges: Delays and bureaucratic hurdles.

Market Volatility: Price fluctuations despite improved access.

Application Process:

1. Eligibility: Farmers, FPOs, agricultural cooperatives. 2. Submission: Online through the Agriculture Ministry's portal.

ISAM promises to transform India's agricultural marketing, empowering farmers and boosting rural economies. Apply now through the Agriculture Ministry's ISAM Portal to benefit from this initiative.


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