Learn How to Grow Lavender Easily

Lavender is the shrub-like aromatic plant belongs to the mint family widely cultivated for its essential oil

It reduces oxidative stress in older adults and people with prediabetes, mild hypothyroidism and liver disease

Growing requirements


Saffron Aeroponics can be done easily at home without requiring to have any specific scientific or technical background


Lavender is planted at a distance of 4 ft in between the row and 30-40 cm inside the rows.


Irrigation is crucial at flowering stage


The requirement of NPK is 100:40:40

Fertilizer requirement

Pruning of flower buds is also recommended from time to time during the first two years to provide strength to plants

Intercultural operation

True Lavender

This variety is rich in essential oil content.

Varieties of lavender

Spike lavender

The essential oil content ranges between 0.9-3%

Lavandin variety

This variety is a hybrid of true and spike lavender.

Sher-e-Kashmir variety

This is a superior variety with 100% higher essential oil yields.

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