Major Paddy Disease: Causes and Symptoms

Diseases cause damage to paddy can significantly reduce yield. These diseases are primarily caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi.

*Spindle-shaped spots with grey centre and brown margin, later causing a ‘Blasted’ or ‘Burnt’ appearance * Greyish brown lesions on the neck, panicle breaks and fall off

1.  Rice Blast or Blast of Rice

Major Paddy Diseases:

*Water-soaked spots appear on leaves *white streaks form from the tip of the leaf to the base *Wilting and yellowing of leaves

2. Bacterial Leaf Blight of Rice:

*Irregular greyish-brown water-soaked lesions on flag leaf sheath *White powdery fungal growth inside the affected sheath

3.  Sheath Rot of Rice:

*Oval or cylindrical dark brown spots with a yellow halo *Infection of florets can lead to incomplete grain filling and reduced grain quality

4. Brown Spot of Rice:

* Spikelets have orange or greenish-black velvety smut balls * This leads to chaffy grains

5. False Smut of Rice:

* Initially, greenish-grey oval or elliptical lesions appear on the leaf sheath near the water level * Later, it forms irregular lesions with a greyish-white centre and brown margin

6. Sheath Blight of Rice :

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