Management Of Stemborer In Paddy

Paddy Stem Borer

Stemborer is a common paddy pest, displays sexual dimorphism where females, larger with a black spot, lay eggs, developing into larvae, pupae, and adult moths.

Brown egg clusters near leaf tips indicate Stemborer presence, a common symptom.


Larvae cause shoot drying, forming a "dead heart" in affected plants.

Adult plant infestation leads to dry panicles, known as "white ear" in rice fields.

Neem seed kernel extract or neem oil spraying is effective prevention.

Preventive Measures

Clip affected seedling tips pre-transplant to remove egg masses.

Use quality insecticides for further pest control measures.

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Virtako Insecticide

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Dual-action insecticide for Stem Borer and Early Shoot Borer, promoting tiller growth, root development, and higher yields.

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Unique mode of action protects Paddy and Sugarcane from pests, enhancing crop yield potential effectively.

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Alanto Insecticide

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Rain-fast neonicotinoid for broad-spectrum, persistent pest control in various conditions.

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Integrated pest management crucial for paddy stem borer control, ensuring rice yield protection and sustainable agriculture.

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