Market Intervention Scheme and Price support Scheme (MIS-PSS) Scheme

Market Intervention Scheme and Price Support Scheme (MIS-PSS) protects farmers from distress sales. It ensures fair prices for produce through government procurement at support prices.

Scheme Overview

Price Support: Ensures minimum support prices (MSP).

Procurement: Government buys produce directly from farmers

Target Crops: Focus on perishable and non-perishable crops.


Timely Payments: Assures quick payments to farmers.


Price Stability: Protects from price fluctuations.

Reduced Distress Sales: Prevents selling at low prices.

Market Confidence: Encourages market participation

Financial Security: Provides a safety net for farmers.


Potential delays in procurement and payments.

Application Process

Visit the Website:Go to the Agriculture Ministry Website.

Eligibility Check: Verify if your crop is covered.

Fill the Form:Complete the application form online or at designated facilitation centers.

Register: Sign up with the procurement agency.

Submit Produce: Bring produce and necessary documents to the center.

Receive Payment: Get payment directly in your bank account.

MIS-PSS ensures fair prices and financial security for farmers. It helps stabilize market prices and prevents distress sales, promoting a stable agricultural sector.


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