Organic Manures: Farmyard, Compost, Green - Vital for Soil Health

Bulky organic manures contain small percentage of nutrients and they are applied in large quantities

Some of the important and widely used bulky organic manures


Farmyard manure refers to the decomposed mixture of dung and urine of farm animals along with litter and left over material from roughages *FYM Contains 0.5 % N, 0.2  % P2O5 and 0.5 % K

Farmyard manure

A mass of rotted organic matter made from waste is called compost.


*The compost made from farm waste like sugarcane trash, paddy straw, weeds and other plants and other waste is called farm compost * It contains 0.5 % N, 0.15 % P2O5 and 0.5 % K2O.

The practice of pouching or turning into the soil un-decomposed fresh green plant tissue for the purpose of improving fertility status.

Green Manure

Common green manure crops  are Sunnhemp, Dhaincha , Sesbania rostrata and cluster bean

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