Maximize Soybean Profits with Effective Packages and Practices

Overview: Soybean, hailed as the Golden Bean or Miracle Crop, is renowned for its high protein and oil content.

Soybean - The Golden Bean

Origins: Originating in China, soybean cultivation was introduced to India via the Himalayan Mountains.

Soil: Fertile loamy soil with pH 6.0-7.5 ideal; saline and sodic soils inhibit germination.

Climate: Requires temperatures of 15-32°C for germination, 60-65 cm annual rainfall, avoiding drought and excessive rainfall during flowering.

 Preparation: Deep ploughing followed by ridges and furrows, facilitating proper drainage.

Land Preparation and Sowing

Seed Rate: Optimum rate of 55-65 kg/ha with 30-45 cm spacing; treated with Carbendazim or Thiram for fungal protection.

Sowing Time: Mid to late June, ensuring adequate soil moisture.

Irrigation: Critical at germination, flowering, and pod initiation stages; 5-6 irrigations during growth.

Irrigation and Fertilization

Fertilizers: Balanced application of FYM, N, P, and K essential for healthy growth and yield.

Weeding: Weed-free maintenance up to 60 days after sowing; application of pendimethalin and hand weeding recommended.

Weed Management and Inter-cultivation

Inter-cultivation: Timely cultivation and weeding vital for optimum yield.

Harvesting: Proper stage identification crucial; seeds harvested at 15% moisture content; mechanical or manual threshing methods employed.

Harvesting and Threshing

Yield: Yield potential up to 25-30 qt/ha under irrigation and 15-20 qt/ha under rainfed conditions.

Adherence to the soybean package of practices ensures optimal growth and yield, contributing significantly to agricultural sustainability and food security.



Soybean: Planting & Package of Practices