Market Intervention Scheme and Price support Scheme (MIS-PSS) Scheme

The Micro Irrigation Fund (MIF) promotes water efficiency in agriculture with subsidized loans for micro-irrigation projects.

Scheme Overview

Subsidized Loans: Offers financial aid with low-interest rates for micro-irrigation projects.

Government Support: Funded by the government to promote efficient irrigation practices.

Technological Adoption: Encourages advanced irrigation technologies such as drip and sprinkler systems.


Capacity Building: – Includes training and awareness programs for farmers on micro-irrigation techniques.


Water Conservation: Enhances water use efficiency, reducing agricultural water consumption.

Increased Yield: Improves crop yield and quality through effective water management.

Financial Savings: Reduces irrigation costs, enhancing farmers' profitability.

Environmental Sustainability: Promotes sustainable agricultural practices and environmental conservation. 3.5


Requires technical expertise for installation and maintenance of micro-irrigation systems

Application Process

Visit the Website: Access the Micro Irrigation Fund Portal for detailed guidelines.

Project Proposal: Prepare a detailed proposal outlining the micro-irrigation system.

Submit Application: Send the proposal to the designated authority for review.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Monitor project progress and submit required reports.

Implementation:Upon approval, implement the project using allocated funds.

The Micro Irrigation Fund (MIF) promotes sustainable agriculture with efficient water use through technology and financial support. 3.5


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