Mission Organic Value Chain Development for North Eastern Region Scheme

The MOVCD-NER initiative promotes organic farming in India's North Eastern states, enhancing value chains through sustainable practices, market linkages, and fair pricing for farmers.

Scheme Overview

Capacity Building: Training farmers in organic farming techniques, certification, and sustainable practices.


Certification Support: Help in obtaining organic certifications to meet global standards.

Financial Support: Subsidies for infrastructure setup and purchase of organic inputs.


Economic Empowerment: Enhances income opportunities with fair prices and value addition for farmers.

Market Access: Facilitates entry into national and global markets for organic North Eastern products.

Health Benefits: Ensures chemical-free produce, fostering consumer health.


Initial Investment: High initial costs for setting up organic infrastructure and obtaining certifications may be a barrier for small-scale farmers.

Application Process:

1. Registration: Farmers need to register themselves or their cooperative societies on the portal.

2. Documentation: Submission of necessary documents such as identity proof, land ownership details, and proposed project plan.

3. Project Approval: After scrutiny, eligible applicants receive approval from the concerned authorities.

4. Implementation: Implementation: Upon approval, funds are disbursed for implementing the proposed activities under the scheme.

The MOVCD-NER scheme promotes sustainable agriculture and empowers Northeastern farmers through organic practices and strengthened value chains.


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