Mushroom Cultivation Subsidy

Government Initiative Mushroom cultivation subsidy introduced in 2011 under the National Horticulture Board.

Scheme Overview Modified on 01.07.2011, allocated up to 10 lakhs, part of Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH).

Application Process Apply through the official website: state-specific helpline available.

Features of Mushroom Subsidy 1. State government issues the loan. 2. Maximum cost of the mushroom plant capped at 20 lakhs, 50% subsidy up to 10 lakhs. 3. Applicable for mushroom plant setup, composting units, and spawn production.

Eligibility and Benefits 1. Available for individual farmers. 2. Substantial subsidy for setup and compost. 3. Integrated scheme for easy communication.

Drawbacks 1 .Capped at 10 lakhs per applicant, limiting units. 2. Higher subsidy rates in hilly regions. 3. Only individuals eligible; companies excluded.

Application Process 1. Apply through the Bank or NHB. 2. Site inspections and validation before subsidy issuance.

Required Documents Completion certificate, financial appraisal, loan sanction letter, Aadhaar card, etc.

NHB Mushroom subsidy aids small farmers with setup and reduced compost costs. For details, contact state authorities. Note: Research thoroughly before deciding.