Namo Drone Didi Scheme to empower rural agricultural women

Empower rural women with drones! Namo Drone Didi scheme trains 15,000 women-led SHGs to boost farm productivity and economic independence.

Scheme Overview

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Drone Distribution: The scheme provides drones to SHGs for tasks like crop monitoring, fertiliser spraying, and seed sowing.


Training: Women are trained to operate drones efficiently for agricultural purposes.

Financial Support: SHGs receive up to 80% subsidy from the government towards the cost of drones.

Skill Development: Women become qualified drone pilots after training, enabling them to offer agricultural services to farmers.


Empowerment: Rural women gain skills, generate income, and contribute to modernizing agricultural practices.

Economic Growth: Enhances agricultural productivity, leading to increased income for women and improved farming efficiency.

Technology Integration: Introduces cutting-edge technology to rural areas, fostering innovation and development.

Financial Support: Subsidies and loans make drones accessible to SHGs, promoting financial autonomy.

Selection: SHGs are identified by District Committees, and members are notified of their selection.

Training Modules: Women undergo training in drone operation, data analysis, maintenance, and agricultural operations.

Application Process

Implementation: SHGs receive financial support, training, and drones to kickstart their drone pilot activities.


Namo Drone Didi scheme tackles cost barriers with subsidies, prioritizes training, and underscores maintenance for effective drone operation.

Namo Drone Didi empowers rural women, boosts farming productivity, and fosters economic independence, integrating drones for rural development.


To learn more about Sub-Mission On Agricultural Mechanization – Drone Technology, click the link below .