National Bamboo Mission

Launched in 2018-19, the restructured National Bamboo Mission aims to develop the bamboo sector value chain, increasing plantation areas for enhanced farm income and climate resilience.

Scheme Overview

Objective Boost bamboo cultivation, improve post-harvest via new nurseries, infrastructure, and capacity building.


Implementation: Mission executed via SBDA and RBTC for effective implementation and bamboo sector development.

Coverage: The mission covers 28 states and 2 Union Territories of India.

Funding: Government offers up to 100% financial aid for mission activities: nurseries, bamboo industries, R&D.

Activities: Focus on planting material, handicrafts, furniture, common centers, skill development, and marketing support activities.

Sustainability: Mission focuses on sustainable bamboo cultivation and value chain development for rural livelihoods.


Enhance bamboo plantation, farmer income, and climate resilience, connect to markets; empower craftsmen support domestic industry, ensure rural livelihoods and ecological sustainability.


The National Bamboo Mission lacks major drawbacks, but farmers without access to non-forest government or private lands may not benefit fully.

How to Apply:

Implemented via State Nodal Agencies (SNAs); contact local SNA to apply for the National Bamboo Mission.

The National Bamboo Mission aims to boost India's bamboo industry by increasing production, improving product quality, and providing rural employment.


To learn more about the National Bamboo Mission, click the link below for additional details.