National beekeeping and Honey  Mission (NBHM)

The NBHM promotes sustainable beekeeping in India, enhancing honey production, benefiting farmers, and boosting the rural economy. Learn more about its impact.

A government initiative to promote beekeeping and honey production.


What is NBHM

To increase the income of farmers and provide quality honey to consumers.


Provides training and skill development for beekeepers.

Key Features

Training Programs

Supports the creation of beekeeping equipment and honey processing units.

Infrastructure Development

Enhances income for farmers through increased honey production.

Economic Growth


Promotes pollination and biodiversity in agriculture.


Additional revenue stream for farmers

Impact on Farmers

Increased Income

Supports environmentally friendly farming practices.

Sustainable Agriculture

The National Beekeeping and Honey Mission (NBHM) plays a vital role in promoting beekeeping, enhancing honey production, and supporting the rural economy.


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