National Food Security Mission (NFSM)

The NFSM, launched by India in 2007, boosts rice, wheat, pulses, coarse cereals, and commercial crop production using sustainable practices and tech innovations to ensure food security.

Scheme Overview

Crop Diversification: Encourages the cultivation of a variety of crops to improve food security.


Resource Efficiency: Promotes efficient use of water, nutrients, and soil to enhance productivity.

Technology Adoption: Supports the use of modern agricultural techniques and equipment.

Capacity Building: Provides training and support to farmers for adopting sustainable practices.

Financial Support: Offers subsidies and financial aid for seeds, fertilizers, and machinery.


Increased Production: Boosts the production of essential food grains, ensuring availability.

Farmer Income: Enhances farmer incomes through improved productivity and crop diversification.

Sustainability: Promotes sustainable farming practices, preserving resources for future generations.

Food Security: Contributes to national food security by increasing the availability of staple crops.

Economic Growth: Supports rural economies by creating job opportunities and boosting agricultural sectors.


Implementation varies by state, traditional farmers resist new technologies, and over-reliance on chemicals harms soil health and biodiversity.

Application Process

Eligibility: Open to all farmers across India, with a focus on small and marginal farmers.

Submission: Farmers can apply through the local agricultural office or the official website.

Documentation: Required documents include land ownership proof, identity proof, and bank account details.

Selection: Applications are reviewed based on eligibility and need, with priority given to marginalized communities.

NFSM boosts India's agricultural productivity and food security with sustainable practices, financial support, and tech adoption, aiming for long-term benefits and farmer upliftment.


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