National Livestock Mission (NLM)

The National Livestock Mission (NLM) by the Government of India promotes livestock sector development, including poultry farming, aiming to boost productivity, healthcare, and entrepreneurship.

Scheme Overview

Comprehensive Coverage: Targets various aspects of livestock farming, including poultry, goats, sheep, and pigs.


Animal Health: Focuses on disease control, vaccination, and veterinary care.

Financial Assistance: Provides subsidies and financial support to farmers for infrastructure development, breed improvement, and feed management.

Capacity Building: Offers training and skill development programs for farmers to adopt modern farming practices.

Technology Integration: Encourages the use of modern technology and practices in livestock management.

Sustainability: Promotes sustainable livestock farming practices to ensure environmental balance.


Increased Productivity: Enhanced poultry production through improved breeds and better management practices.

Financial Support: Subsidies and grants reduce the financial burden on farmers, making it easier to invest in poultry farming.

Skill Development: Training programs improve farmers' knowledge and skills, leading to more efficient and profitable farming operations.

Economic Upliftment: Increased income for farmers through higher productivity and better market access.

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Application Process

Step 3: Duly fill in the necessary details and upload the documents as needed.

Step 4: The submitted form will be under evaluation by the State Implementing Agency (SIA)

Step 5: The SIA will forward the recommendation to the bank.

Step 6: The concerned bank will upload the loan approval letter to the website.

Step 7: Now, the SIA will forward their recommendation to the State Level Executive Committee (SLEC) and the Central Government.

Step 8: Once the Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying approves the project, the loan amount will be disbursed to the Applicant.


Limited awareness hampers scheme utilization. Implementation challenges include fund delays and bureaucratic hurdles. Infrastructure and tech barriers also hinder mission effectiveness.

The National Livestock Mission, initiated years ago, now offers enhanced assistance to farmers with inclusivity and accessibility for all farm sizes.


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