One Nation One Fertilizer Scheme

One Nation One Fertilizer Scheme, modified on 17.10.2022, is a central government initiative under PMBJP(Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Urvarak Pariyojana), enhancing fertilizer access for Indian farmers.

Scheme Overview

Unified Brand Name: All fertilizer bags will now feature the brand name BHARAT, occupying two-thirds of the packaging.


Manufacturer Details: One-third of the fertilizer bag will display the manufacturer's name, logo, and essential details.


Increased Farm Output:Boosts production with affordable, nutrient-rich fertilizers under the BHARAT brand.

Standardized Quality: Ensures consistent quality, promoting fair competition among manufacturers.

Cost-Effective Access: Reduces costs, ensuring easy access to fertilizers for all farmers.

Simplified Identification: Unified branding helps farmers identify fertilizers by nutrient content, not brand.


The scheme limits brand promotion, shifts accountability to the government, and demands new strategies for fertilizer companies to adapt.

With successful implementation, the One Nation One Fertilizer scheme promises cheaper fertilizers, positively impacting farmers' budgets and overall profits. The outcomes remain to be seen!


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