PLI Scheme for Millet-Based Foods

The Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme for millet-based foods is designed to promote the processing of millets, enhance their nutritional value, and support farmers. Learn how this scheme benefits the agricultural sector.

Scheme Overview

Definition: A government initiative providing financial incentives for processing millet-based foods.

1. What is the PLI Scheme?

Objective: To increase production and consumption of nutritious millet products.

Financial Incentives: Grants and subsidies for setting up and upgrading processing units.

2. Key Features:

Market Development: Support for marketing and branding millet-based foods.

Research and Development: Encourages innovation in processing techniques and product development.


Farmer Support: Provides better market opportunities and fair prices for millet growers.

Economic Growth: Boosts the agro-processing industry and creates employment opportunities.

Nutritional Value: Promotes the consumption of healthy, nutrient-rich millet products.

4. Impact on Agriculture:

Increased Production: Incentivizes farmers to grow more millets.

Market Expansion: Enhances the reach of millet products in domestic and international markets.

Sustainable Practices: Supports environmentally friendly farming methods.

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