Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY)

PM-KMY provides financial security to small farmers with a monthly pension for those aged 60+, ensuring their stability and welfare.

Scheme Overview

Eligibility: Small and marginal farmers aged 18-40 years.

Contribution:Farmers contribute a nominal monthly amount, which is matched by the government.

Pension: Upon reaching 60 years of age, farmers receive a monthly pension of ₹3,000.



Financial Security: Ensures a stable income post-retirement, reducing the economic vulnerability of farmers.

Social Inclusion: Promotes social security and inclusion for agricultural workers.

Ease of Access: Simple registration process and widespread outreach across rural areas.


Some farmers may find the initial monthly contribution challenging.

Application Process

Eligibility Check: Ensure you are a small or marginal farmer aged between 18-40 years

Fill the Application Form: Download the application form from the website or get it from the nearest Common Service Centre (CSC).

Submit Documents: Provide necessary documents such as Aadhar Card, Bank Account Details, and Land Record Documents.

Verification and Registration: Submit the completed form at the nearest CSC or designated agriculture office. Verification will be conducted, and your registration will be processed.

PM-KMY provides small farmers a monthly pension, securing their future and enhancing rural economy stability across India.


To learn more about Pradhan Mantri Kisan MaanDhan Yojana (PM-KMY) Scheme, click the link below .