Prevent TOSPOW Virus from Affecting Your Tomatoes

Tomato spotted wilt virus

Thrips transmit TOSPO to tomatoes, with heat, dryness, nitrogen, weeds, and proximity to infected plants heightening the risk.


Leaves appear pale yellow or brownish with fungal spots.

Leaves may be smaller in size due to the infection.

Infected fruits exhibit discoloration with yellow rings.

Preventive Measures

Use virus free planting material for planting.

Avoid excessive use of nitrogen fertilizers.

Eliminate weed species that can act as alternative hosts for virus and thrips.

These are the products that helps to control TOSPOW Virus


Benevia Insecticide

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It Stops insect feeding fast, reaches pests effectively, quick rainfastness, green label - a must-buy for protection.

Dhanpreet Insecticide

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Effective systemic action against sucking insects, controls resistant pests, compatible with other pesticides, long-lasting, safe for natural enemies - perfect for IPM

Gracia Insecticide

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Early spray for bountiful yields, effective against thrips and borers, protects environment and beneficial insects - a must-have.

Econeem Plus Biopesticide

Why Pick This Product?

High Azadirachtin blend with multiple modes of action, systemic and translaminar for effective pest control.


Why Pick This Product?

An organic, highly effective herbal solution for sucking pest control across all crops, ensuring safety and optimal growth.

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