Management of Fruit Flies in Melons

Preventive Measures

 Prevent it by sanitation, ploughing, rotation, and adjusting sowing time.  

Chemical Products that helps  in managing the Fruit Flies In Melons

Coragen Insecticide

Karate Insecticide

Decis 2.8 EC Insecticide

Alika Insecticide

Fame Insecticide

BACF Endtask Insecticide


 Use 6-8 "Tapas fruit fly pheromone traps" per acre to monitor and control fruit fly population.  

 Place 4-6 "yellow sticky traps" per acre to effectively trap adult fruit flies attracted to bright yellow color.  

 Use sugar or protein baits like ripe banana, yeast, or methyl eugenol in traps to control fruit flies in melons.  

 Apply Kaolin clay on melon plants to act as a deterrent against fruit flies.  

Physical Barrier

Introduce natural enemies such as parasitic wasps. Spray neem oil at 2 – 3 ml/lit water


 Use smoking  neem leaves, basil extract with citric acid, and carbofuran to repel fruit flies from melon plants.  

ITK Practices

To Know detailed information on managing fruit flies in melons, click the link provided below.