Price Stability & Quality Assurance: e-NAM scheme

Links APMC mandis, boosts farmer sales.

Scheme Overview

Goals: Integrate markets, streamline transactions, assure quality, stabilize prices.

Electronic trading portal: Tech-driven trading connects farmers with buyers across states, expanding market access.


Single window services: One-stop APMC info hub, real-time updates, e-payments, streamlines farmer access.

Uniform marketing procedures: Standardizes procedures, ensures fairness, reduces malpractices, benefiting farmers and buyers equally.

Quality assurance: Enhances quality assessment, informs bidding, incentivizes better crops.

Better marketing opportunities for farmers: Boosts transparency, real-time pricing, fair deals, higher farmer income, reduces middlemen dependency, improves market access.

Financial support: Provides financial aid for APMC/RMC integration, max Rs. 30 lakhs per market, covering hardware, internet, infrastructure.

Technical assistance: SFAC, NFCL offer tech aid, ensure stakeholder training, platform effectiveness, adoption, and impact.


e-NAM enables farmers to sell online with transparent pricing, access diverse markets, streamline procedures, eliminate info gaps, promote real-time pricing, and ensure direct payments.


limited market integration, crop coverage, infrastructure dependence, and farmer awareness, hindering its impact.

How to Apply:

Step 1: The farmer must register on the e-NAM portal by providing the required details such as name, address, contact details and bank account details.

Step 2: After registration, the farmer can list their produce for sale on the e-NAM portal.

Step 3: Interested buyers can view the listed produce and place bids on them.

Step 4: The farmer can choose to accept or reject the bid.

Step 5: If the bid is accepted, the payment is made online and directly into the farmer’s account.

Step 6: The farmer can then deliver the produce to the buyer.

e-NAM boosts uniformity, creates national market, enables transparent online sales, reduces costs, enhances access, and increases farmer income.


To learn more about the National Agriculture Market (e-NAM) Scheme, click the link below for additional details.