Promotion Of Agricultural Mechanization For In-Situ Management of Crop Residue

Central Government's Sector Scheme: Unchanged since 2018; Rs. 1,151 crore allocated for implementation. Sponsored by the Government of India.

Scheme Overview

80% funding for CHSCs(Custom Hiring Service Centres) to FPOs(Farmer Producer Organizations), Cooperatives, Panchayats, with a cap of Rs. 5 lakhs; implemented by State and PSU(Public Sector Undertakings) entities.


Financial assistance: 50% funding for crop residue management machinery by State governments, non-transferable for up to five years.

Training: Awareness on crop residue management by State government, SAUs, KVKs, PSU, ICAR, and central government institutions.


Reduces air pollution caused by crop residue burning

Improves soil health by enhancing organic content

Reduces the time and cost of crop residue management

Increases crop productivity by improving soil health


High capital investment: High capital needed for crop residue management machinery purchase.

Limited reach: Scheme limited to select Indian states, restricting its outreach.

Limited awareness: Limited awareness among Indian farmers, especially in remote areas, hampers access to and utilization of scheme benefits.

Lack of infrastructure:Infrastructure gaps hinder crop residue machinery use, lacking repair, maintenance. 

Government scheme promotes agricultural mechanization for crop residue management, reducing pollution, improving soil health, aiding farmers.


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