Protect Tomato Yield By Preventing Leaf Miner Damage

Larva tunnels cause leaf discoloration & curling.


Infestation leads to pale, yellow, and withered leaves.

Severe cases result in distorted, stunted growth.

Drying and premature dropping of affected leaves.

Weakens plants, increases susceptibility to pests, diseases.

Warm temperatures, high humidity, presence of host crops, monoculture practices, plant debris, and excessive pesticide use can all favor leaf miner infestation.

How is it caused?

Sanitize fields, remove infested leaves.

Use sticky traps for early detection.

Preventive Measures

Employ biological controls: parasitic wasps, predatory insects.

Apply neem oil, optimize fertilizer use, prevent water stress, rotate crops, use reflective mulch, monitor weekly.

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Benevia Insecticide

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Delegate Insecticide

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Long-lasting, broad-spectrum pest control, effective against early-stage attacks, IPM-friendly, with translaminar activity.

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