Rainfed Area Development Scheme

The RAD Scheme by the Indian Government enhances agricultural productivity and sustainability in rainfed regions through holistic, sustainable practices.

Scheme Overview

Integrated Farming Systems: Promotes diversified farming to reduce risk and enhance productivity.


Water Management: Encourages efficient water use through micro-irrigation, rainwater harvesting, and conservation practices.

Soil Health Management: Emphasizes soil fertility enhancement through organic farming, use of bio-fertilizers, and soil conservation techniques.

Agroforestry and Horticulture: Supports the integration of trees and high-value horticultural crops in farming systems.

Capacity Building: Provides training and capacity-building activities for farmers to adopt sustainable practices.


Increased Productivity: Improved crop yields and diversified income sources for farmers.

Resilience to Climate Change: Enhanced resilience of agricultural systems to weather variability.

Sustainable Practices: Promotion of environmentally friendly farming techniques.

Economic Stability: Reduced dependence on single crops and improved farm income.


Initial Costs: High initial investment for infrastructure and training. Adoption Challenges: Resistance to change and adoption of new practices among traditional farmers.

Application Process

Eligibility: Farmers, Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), and self-help groups in rainfed regions.

Submission: Applications can be submitted through the local agriculture department or the official website.

Documentation: Required documents include land ownership proof, identity proof, and bank account details.

Selection: Applications are reviewed and selected based on eligibility criteria and project feasibility. visit the official RAD Scheme website.

The RAD Scheme transforms rainfed agriculture in India through integrated, sustainable practices, enhancing resilience, productivity, and farmer incomes for a secure agricultural future.


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