Red Gold 'Saffron' farming through aeroponics

Saffron, a well known spice grown for its stigma and It's cultivation is restricted to Union territory of Jammu & Kashmir

It reduces oxidative stress in older adults and people with prediabetes, mild hypothyroidism and liver disease

Saffron Aeroponics can be done easily at home without requiring to have any specific scientific or technical background

The Aeroponics technique needs a closed space like a room or a container where all the conditions necessary for the growth and development of saffron corms can be controlled

In the saffron Aeroponics system, there is no requirement for either water like in hydroponics or soil

Saffron Aeroponics purely focuses on growing saffron aeroponically by providing them nourishment through the air in the form of fog.

Using this farming method, the growth cycle is reduced by 33 percent. Lower saffron production costs, comparing to soil method, in longer investment periods.


*Reduced water usage * Enhanced crop yields * Improved saffron quality * Improved pest and disease control * Control over the growing environment

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