Sub-Mission on Agriculture Extension (SMAE) Scheme

The Sub-Mission on Agriculture Extension (SMAE) is a government initiative aimed at enhancing agricultural productivity by promoting efficient agricultural practices through the extension system.

Scheme Overview

Technology Adoption: Promotes advanced farming technologies and innovations.


Infrastructure Development: Develops agricultural infrastructure like demonstration farms and labs.

Training and Capacity Building: Trains farmers and extension workers in modern agricultural practices.


Increased Productivity: Best practices boost agricultural yields.

Skill Enhancement: Farmers and extension workers learn modern techniques.

Income Generation: Higher productivity increases farmers' incomes.

Sustainability: Encourages sustainable agriculture.


Access Issues: Some farmers in remote areas may have limited access to resources.

Application Process:

1. Eligibility: Farmers, agricultural extension workers, and organizations involved in agriculture are eligible.

2. Application Submission: Applications can be submitted online through the designated portal.

Application Process:

3. Document Submission: Required documents such as identity proof, land documents (if applicable), and project proposal need to be uploaded.

4. Review and Approval: Applications are reviewed by designated authorities for approval.

The Sub-Mission on Agriculture Extension (SMAE) aims to transform Indian agriculture by integrating modern techniques and knowledge dissemination, empowering farmers and sustainably enhancing productivity.


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