Sumimax Herbicide: Superior Weed Control for Soybeans

Sumimax herbicide is a trusted solution for soybean farmers, providing robust weed management while safeguarding crop health and yield

Spray within 0 - 3 days of soyabean sowing

Time of application

Dosage and application process of SumiMax in Soybean crop

100 ml per acre


Spray the recommended quantity of SumiMAX with minimum 200 litres of water per acre and spray it within 3 days of sowing

Method of application

* Controls maximum number of soybean weeds * Controls weeds from the first day of spraying * Long-time control

Unique benefits of Sumi Max

Sumi Max effectively manages soybean pests, safeguarding crop health and enhancing yield, supporting sustainable farming and increased productivity


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