The Silk Samagra Scheme

Silk Samagra: Integrated Scheme for Silk Industry – 2, implemented in 2021 with an allocation of Rs. 4679.86 crore.

Scheme Overview

is a Central Sector Scheme under the Ministry of Textiles.

Silk Samagra 2 uplifts underprivileged families through sericulture, integrating R&D, training, market development, collaborations, and sector support, with quality monitoring.



supports sericulture through financial aid, training, market access, and product certification, enhancing growth and competitiveness.


Limited awareness among farmers and silk producers about the scheme's benefits coupled with climate change-induced challenges like floods and droughts adversely affect sericulture, impacting silk production and farmer livelihoods

1. To apply for this scheme, Visit the Department of Sericulture in your District

Application Process

2. While visiting the office, take all the required documents with you

3. Get the application form for Silk Samagra-2 scheme from the respective authority

4. Fill in all the asked information carefully in the application form and attach the necessary documents mentioned in the form

6. After filling all the required information, Submit your application form

Silk Samagra-2 scheme aims to boost India's silk industry, enhancing the lives of silk farmers and weavers.


To learn more about the Silk Samagra 2 Scheme, click the link below for additional details.