Top Picks for Tomato Pinworm Management

Tuta absoluta, the American pinworm, devastates tomato crops with losses up to 100%. Integrated pest management is key for controlling Tomato Pinworm

Larvae of Tuta absoluta mine leaf tissue, causing irregular necrotic blotches.


They burrow into fruit, leaving pin-sized holes, weakening plants.

Infested fruits develop abnormal shapes, serve as pathogen entry points.

Larvae and frass can be found in leaf mines or damaged fruits, exacerbating the damage.

Rotate tomato with non-solanaceous crops to disrupt Tuta absoluta's life cycle.

Remove infested leaves/fruits; plow fields in summer to kill pupae.

Preventive Measures

Use Delta pheromone traps and tapas pinworm lure for monitoring.

Employ yellow sticky traps, Neem oil spray, and avoid neighboring host crops.

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Versatile insecticide for multiple crops, effectively controlling sucking pests, leaf rollers, Pinworms, caterpillars, and more.

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Ekalux Insecticide

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Innovative insecticide with Cyazypyr, offering cross-spectrum activity, remains effective even after rainfall, and IPM compatibility for effective pest control.

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Benevia Insecticide

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It is a broad-spectrum pest control with low doses, long-lasting protection, granule formulation, and plant growth enhancement.

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Admire Insecticide

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Powerful against Lepidopteran/Dipteran pests, combines speed of synthetics with safety of biologicals, controls resistant Helicoverpa and thrips, long residual action.

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Tracer Insecticide

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Versatile against multiple pests, reduces resistance development, effective even on resistant insects, stops feeding quickly, controls all pest stages.

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Keefun Insecticide

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Broad-spectrum control for all pest stages, eco-friendly IPM support, translaminar action, promotes healthy crop growth.

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Alika Insecticide

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