Traditional Jaggery Preparation Steps

Jaggery, a traditional sweetener, is made from sugarcane juice. Discover the step-by-step process of preparing this nutritious treat.

Step 1: Crush fresh sugarcane to extract the juice. Step 2:Filter the juice to remove impurities


Step 3: Heat the juice in large pans Step 4: Add natural clarifying agents like lime or vegetable extracts


Step 5: Boil the juice, skimming off impurities that rise to the surface Step 6: Continue boiling until the juice thickens and changes color


Step 7: Stir continuously to prevent burning and ensure even thickening Step 8: Check consistency by dropping a bit into water; it should form a soft ball.


Step 9: Pour the thickened syrup into molds or trays. Step 10: Let it cool and solidify into blocks


The traditional process of making jaggery from sugarcane juice involves careful extraction, clarification, boiling, and molding. This method yields a natural, healthy sweetener rich in nutrients, perfect for various culinary uses


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