Trichoderma viride: Effective Biofungicide for Plants

Trichoderma viride is a fungus and a biofungicide used for seed and soil treatment for suppression of various diseases

Trichoderma helps in controlling of may plant disease by:

* Antagonistic Activity : It competes with pathogens for space and nutrients, inhibiting their growth

* Production of Antifungal Compounds: They produce secondary metabolites such as enzymes, antibiotics and volatile organic compounds  that have fungicidal effects on pathogenic fungi

* Biodegradation of Pathogen Cell Walls: They directly parasitize and degrade the cell walls of pathogenic fungi

* Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR): Trichoderma viride can induce systemic resistance in plants


Trichoderma viride offers a sustainable and effective alternative to chemical fungicides for controlling plant diseases

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